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Shake It Up

Sometimes I wonder how I became a baker. It's not that I didn't enjoy baking. It's more that I just wasn't good at it. No really. I wasn't. I would try, every holiday, to make cookies for our local cookie exchange. They came out, flat as a pancake, and I would inevitably go to the market and buy a few dozen cookies to give to my neighbors. This became the common theme that surrounded my baking attempts. But, as they say, practice makes perfect. So practice I did. And I played with my food. A lot. And you know what? I came across the perfect cookie recipe. The same recipe that I use today, for every Glass Jar Cookie that I create.

As I made little changes to my cookie recipe, I realized, that this same process applies to life as well. You know, when life gets a little flat, it's time to make a few "adjustments". Time to make life a little sweeter. It can be tough to go out of your comfort zone and attempt things that aren't tried and true. But this is how great things come about. In my case, a cookie recipe. Maybe in your case, something life changing as well.


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